Launch and Recover (Boat Valet Service)

Phillip Island Marine Boat Valet Service.


Phillip Island Marine realises that getting your boat outon thewater can take time and effort. We understand how important time on the water is to you and how time-consuming preparing your boat can be. Our aim is to provide you with a boat vallet service where your boat is prepared and ready for you to aboard.  Our team at Phillip Island Marine will put you into the water and collect you on arrival.  It is a complete service that allows you to simply step on and off the boat with limited hassle.  It ensures that you can make the most out of your valuable time on the water.



                Launch $20.00     Recover $20.00


Boat Storage customers rave about this service!  Here are a few happy customers thoughts!

“What do I love about Phillip Island Marine? They take all the hassles out of a good day of boating. When we arrive the boat is out of storage and waiting for us. Everything we need for the days fishing is in the shop. Once we were running late to catch the tide and they even fuelled the boat up for us to save us some time. We jump on board and they drop the boat in the water for us. When we’re ready to come in it’s a quick phone call to let them know, and just as easily, we’re back in cleaning the fish for tea”.  Michael

“What a service… It is the only way I would have a boat! We have our boat in storage and all I need to do, to get out on the water with my family, is to call P I Marine and then get on the boat!  We love it.  It takes all the hassle out of putting the boat on and off the trailer, parking and makes our experience of  having a boat amazing.  I tell everyone about it because it really is a great service!” John

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