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Mercury Outboards

Explore the widest range of leading edge technology, fuel efficient, and ever reliable outboard engines and backed by Mercury’s unique warranties , compare the statistics. You’ll find hard facts on why more and more boat owners are starting up a Mercury, Mercury outboards are simple the best, most refined engines money can buy for any application.

Verado – Supercharged FourStroke

Finally, a FourStroke with brains and brawn. Boating choices were once black and white: four-stroke engines boasted advanced technology and reliability, but couldn’t equal the acceleration of traditional two-strokes. Mercury, driven by a history of innovation, set out to manufacture a FourStroke engine that would deliver performance and reliability with an automotive-like driving experience. And we came up with Verado, the world’s only supercharged production outboard engine. The future of outboards is here today.

6 CylindersSupercharged  FourStroke from 350hp-200hp         4 CylindersSupercharged FourStroke from 200hp-135hp     




 Take To The Water With Confidence. Nothing beats a day on your boat when you know it’s powered by the perfect engine. OptiMax is outfitted with innovation features designed to let you enjoy every available minute – features like its tow-stage direct injection fuel system, ultra-reliable components and “smart” electronics that give you confidence to go as far as you like.

 OptiMax was the world’s first Direct Injected outboard. OptiMax is the world’s top selling Direct Injected outboard.

250 – 200 HP OPTIMAX                         125-75 HP OPTIMAX               250hp- 115 HP PRO XS




Whether you have a 2.5hp for your tinnie, a BigFoot for your pontoon or houseboat, or a 150hp for your runabout, the key elements of quality are always there for you. The instant starts and clean, quiet operation. The flawless performance under almost any condition. The durable components and advanced technology. All together, these elements combine to provide the engine security you not only crave, but deserve. That’s because every component on our FourStrokes are designed to deliver ultimate durability. More stainless steel, hard anodizing and our exclusive multi-step paint process adds up to superior corrosion resistance.

 150 HP EFI                                                                  115 HP – 75 HP EFI

40 HP                                                                        30 HP – 25 HP EFI                                               20 HP – 8 HP



Mercury’s proven Twostroke engines deliver easy starting, gutsy performance, and great all-round reliability. 

Every engine in the Mercury EFI V6 TwoStroke and mid-range TwoStroke range is backed by an extensive 3+2=5 year warranty, as well as 3 year Corrosion Warranty.

 200 HP – 150 HP                                                 90 – 40 HP                                                             30 HP – 25 HP

15 HP – 6 HP                                                                  5 HP – 2.5 HP


Jet Outboards

 Count on Mercury Jets to help you make the most of every inch of water. The most complete line of jets in the industry, Direct Injected, FourStroke and TwoStroke from 25hp to 110hp Outboards.  Mercury jet-drive outboards are specifically designed to pilot boats in shallow waters where propeller-driven hulls are unable to operate. Because there is no lower unit extending below the hull, the jet drive permits passage over obstacles that would fold a propeller-driven outboards boat.

 OptiMax Jets                                                       FourStroke Jets                                                      TwoStroke Jets  


Sea Pro

Mercury Sea Pro Commercial outboards are designed and engineered to be ultra-tough working partners, for anyone making their living on the water. 

Every outboard features design modifications to cope with the demands of professional operation.. like extra heavy duty swivel brackets, modified carburettors for smoother running at very low revs, and specially toughened gear cases.

 60 HP                                                      55 HP                                                 25 HP



Mercury MerCruiser

 At the Heart of Better Boating

Imagine. Leaving worry, stress and intimidation onshore.

 Being in complete control of your vessel. Feeling absolute freedom the moment you hit the throttle. Maintaining your boat less often and with zero aggravation. Knowing wherever you go, the world’s largest marine dealer network is close by. And with MerCruiser at the heart of you boat, it’s no longer a figment of your imagination. That commitment has made us a marine innovation leader for over 60 years and the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

STERNDRIVES                                                                                       INBOARDS



Look Deeper into Repower

Are you happy with your present boat?

Do you like it’s classic looks, strong construction and its handling, ride in a heavy sea? Chances are, you like everything about your boat…….except one thing its power.

Or a new boat is out of your budget and you are tired of the financial burden to keep up with the little problems of an older engine and you want to incorporate the latest in fuel injection or digital technology that your current engine does not support…… not a problem………. Repower

Unlike a car that is largely used up by the time the engine wears out, a boat can live on, often through several engine changes. A well designed hull has a timeless style – a thing of beauty whether on the dock or on the water.

Our goal at Phillip Island Marine is to keep you on the water with your friends and family, with trouble-free boating, thereby earning your trust and loyalty for years to come.

A successful repower project involves two equally important decisions.

Firstly, the selection of the right outboard for your boat and your needs and

Secondly the installer………….At Phillip Island Marine you will receive the right advice and great backup service. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle all of your engine maintenance service and needs.



 Many times a vessel owner will choose to not only restore a boat to its original performance, but to also take the extra step and upgrade to the latest technology or a more powerful engine package.


 A Sterndrive Engine Power Package includes an engine, transom assembly and a sterndrive.

 An Inboard or Tow Sports Engine Power Package includes an engine and a transmission.

 A forward steer outboard Power Package includes remote controls, cables, harness, instrumentation and a propeller.

 WHY REPOWER? Why would you want to repower?

 You want to keep your boat and you want more Power!

 A new boat is out of your budget?

 You want to incorporate the latest in fuel injection or digital technology that your current engine does not support.

 There has been a major failure in your existing engine.

 It has become a chore and a financial burden to keep up with the “little” problems of your older engine.

 Your current engine is just not performing up to your needs or expectations.


 Ideally, you should consider the decision to repower before a catastrophic incident. Doing your homework in advance not only provides you with the options available, it also provides you with the knowledge to make the right choice for your situation.

 The off-season is typically the best time to perform a repower. This way, none of your prime boating time is interrupted by your boat being in the service centre.


 The answer is sometimes. We can discuss the compatibility of your drive. 


 Many times the feel and the way you perceive the performance can be directly related to the rigging and gauge systems in your vessel. Phillip Island Marine will take the time to review your entire system, and will be happy to explain the need or benefit of changing these important components.


 The need to change mounting hardware, engine brackets, a transom adaptor and/or glasswork is always possible. As this is not always the case, please consult us at Phillip Island Marine.


Working with your Dealer


Choosing an engine is best done in partnership with the dealer you will be working with to perform the installation. However, the best way to help yourself is to have in mind a budget and a list of what you expect a repower to provide. Also your dealer will need some information about your boat. This will help provide a platform for you to work with your dealer. Be sure to tell your dealer about any peculiar issues with your boat (noises, loose or stiff handling, difficult controls) as he may be able to eliminate these issues.

Information to Discuss with Your Dealer:

* What do you have in mind to spend on a repower?

* Do you desire any performance gains?

* Top speed

* Acceleration

* Fuel consumption/range enhancement

* Are there any problems with the boat the dealer should know about?

* Do you need or desire new rigging and/or gauges?

* Do you desire any technology enhancements?

* Fuel Injection

* Digital Throttle & Shift and/or SmartCraft

* Emission Control Technology

* What length of warranty coverage are you interested in?

* Standard warranty

* Extended coverage

* Is this a good time to make repairs to fiberglass, upholstery, carpeting, or upgrade the electronics in your boat: stereo, two-way radio, lights, etc.

* What timeframe do you want the job completed in?

Boat Information

* Make, Model, & Year of Boat

* Hull Identification Number

* Make & Serial number of engine(s) in boat 

* Kits or custom modifications made to boat or engine(s) such as:

Hot water heaters, Jackplates,  Switchable exhaust,, Special props, Hourmeter


send us an email with any relevant information and or questions you may have and we can provide you with answers, advise and a quote for your motor of choice.

or give Scott Huther a call at Phillip Island Marine to ask for his professional advise on the best type of motor for your needs.

(03) 59569238




(03) 59569238